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driveway installation damp issues in riseley
A Driveway Transformation in Riseley, Bedfordshire
28th February 2024
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Resin Vuba Milano Marble Driveway Installation in Weston Favell, Northamptonshire
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driveway installation damp issues in riseley
A Driveway Transformation in Riseley, Bedfordshire
28th February 2024
key kerb edging blocks installation
Resin Vuba Milano Marble Driveway Installation in Weston Favell, Northamptonshire
28th February 2024

Wembley Artificial Grass Installation in Brampton, Cambridgeshire

Find out how SJS Multitrade transformed a Brampton couple's muddy garden into a lush, evergreen paradise with luxury 40mm Wembley artificial grass, expert groundwork and a realistic finish. Say goodbye to mud and hello to a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn.

A Constantly Wet & Muddy Garden Transformed By SJS Multitrade

In the charming village of Brampton, Cambridgeshire, a wonderful couple reached out to SJS Multitrade with a familiar yet frustrating issue: their garden was constantly muddy and wet, rendering it unusable for much of the year.

Understanding the impact of an uninviting outdoor space on their quality of life, we transformed their garden into a lush, green, and mud-free zone. This blog post explores the meticulous process and innovative solutions we employed to create a beautiful area of artificial grass that combines aesthetics with functionality.

A solid foundation and hardcore base

The key to a successful artificial grass installation lies in preparing the ground.

Our initial step was to lay a solid foundation, starting with a hardcore base complemented by concrete edging. This not only ensures a level surface but also enhances the durability and longevity of the artificial grass.

Proper groundwork is essential for preventing sagging and unevenness over time, guaranteeing that the garden remains beautiful and functional year after year.

Ensuring a weed-free future

Before laying the artificial grass, we installed a weed suppressant membrane atop the prepared base.

This crucial layer is a barrier against weeds, ensuring the artificial lawn remains pristine and low maintenance.

Coupled with a grano dust base, the membrane facilitates excellent drainage while keeping the surface level and smooth, setting the stage for the artificial grass installation.

Luxury 40mm Wembley artificial lawn

The crown jewel of this transformation was the installation of a luxury 40mm Wembley artificial lawn.

Chosen for its realistic appearance and soft feel underfoot, this high-quality artificial grass mimics the look and feel of natural turf without the drawbacks of mud, maintenance, and waterlogging.

Our skilled team meticulously laid the turf, ensuring every inch was perfectly aligned and secure.

The finishing touches

We brushed the newly installed lawn with our power broom to achieve a natural and inviting appearance.

This final step is crucial for fluffing the grass fibres, making the lawn look and feel as close to natural grass as possible.

The power broom helps evenly distribute the blades, creating a realistic and aesthetically pleasing finish that will impress.

Transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful, practical, and enjoyable areas

The Brampton, Cambridgeshire project is a testament to SJS Multitrade's commitment to transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful, practical, and enjoyable areas.

By addressing the challenges of a muddy and wet garden with a high-quality artificial grass solution, we have provided this wonderful couple with a year-round green oasis that requires minimal maintenance.

This transformation not only enhances the visual appeal of their property but also provides them with a space to enjoy outdoor activities, relaxation, and entertainment without the hassle of dealing with mud or constant garden upkeep.


What specific benefits does 40mm Wembley artificial grass offer compared to other thicknesses or types of artificial grass?

The 40mm Wembley artificial grass balances softness and durability, making it suitable for both aesthetic purposes and practical, everyday use in gardens and outdoor spaces. Its thickness provides a realistic look and feel, closely mimicking natural grass while ensuring it can withstand regular foot traffic without compromising comfort.

How does a weed suppressant membrane work, and what maintenance, if any, is needed to ensure its effectiveness over time?

A weed suppressant membrane acts as a barrier that prevents weed growth through its coverage area while allowing water and nutrients to pass through, maintaining soil health. To ensure its effectiveness, inspect the membrane for any tears or displacements regularly and remove any debris or soil accumulating on top, which could encourage weed growth above the membrane. Regular checks and maintenance help preserve the membrane's integrity and functionality over time.

Can artificial grass installation be adapted for gardens with existing landscaping features, or does it require a completely clear area?

Artificial grass installation can indeed be adapted to gardens with existing landscaping features. It doesn't necessarily require a conspicuous area. The installation process can be customised to fit around pathways, flower beds, trees, and other garden elements, seamlessly integrating the existing landscape. Proper planning and preparation ensure that the artificial turf complements the garden's design while providing a low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing surface.