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thrapston patio installation
Patio, Lawn & Garden Dining Area Installation in Thrapston, Northamptonshire
28th February 2024
composite garden decking installation
Wood & Composite Garden Decking Projects in Northamptonshire
28th February 2024
thrapston patio installation
Patio, Lawn & Garden Dining Area Installation in Thrapston, Northamptonshire
28th February 2024
composite garden decking installation
Wood & Composite Garden Decking Projects in Northamptonshire
28th February 2024

Indian Sandstone Patio Installation in Thrapston, Northamptonshire

The rustic charm of a Raj Green Indian Sandstone patio installed by SJS Multitrade in Thrapston, Northamptonshire, complete with expertly blended mushroom colour jointing and a focus on sustainable, durable materials that elevate outdoor living.

A Beautiful Patio Installation For a Fantastic Couple in Thrapston

In the serene town of Thrapston, Northamptonshire, SJS Multitrade, they enjoyed creating a beautiful patio for a fantastic couple, turning their vision of a rustic retreat into reality.

This blog post will take you through crafting this idyllic outdoor space, highlighting the natural beauty and benefits of Indian Sandstone. This material has captivated the UK's heart with its timeless charm.

Raj Green Sandstone patio slabs

The patio's bedrock was the natural Sandstone in Raj Green, selected for its harmonious blend with the picturesque English garden setting.

The stone's varied colour palette echoes the verdant landscape, while the unique patterns in each slab tell a story of natural artistry.

We installed recessed drains and new drainage channels, ensuring the patio's longevity and functionality without compromising its traditional aesthetic.

Mushroom colour jointing for a rustic look

To complement the robust character of the Sandstone, we used mushroom colour jointing, creating a seamless transition between the stones.

This choice blends beautifully with the paving and contributes to the overall rustic look, a nod to the craftsmanship of yesteryears while ensuring the strength of the patio remains uncompromised.

The timeless appeal of Indian Sandstone

Indian Sandstone is more than just a paving material; it's a choice that reflects a preference for durability, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness.

It's a heavily favoured option in the UK for several reasons. With a spectrum of colour tones, Indian Sandstone can match any exterior design, creating a bespoke look for every garden.

The individuality of each slab means no two patios are the same, offering an exclusive and personalised outdoor space. The availability of high-quality Indian Sandstone from various suppliers makes it a go-to option for many homeowners.

It can be cut and laid in diverse patterns, allowing for creativity in patio designs. Designed to withstand the UK's notoriously cold and wet weather, Indian Sandstone is a practical choice for any garden.

This stone is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring it looks its best throughout the year. Its durability means it can last a lifetime, an investment that pays off in the long run.

A well-laid Indian Sandstone patio can significantly increase a property's value and curb appeal. The manufacturing process of Indian Sandstone is less harmful to the environment compared to other materials, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious homeowners.

A dedication to blending functionality with natural beauty

This patio installation in Thrapston is a prime example of SJS Multitrade's dedication to blending functionality with natural beauty.

The use of Indian Sandstone epitomises our commitment to delivering outdoor spaces that stand the test of time, both in style and structure.

As this Thrapston couple enjoys their new rustic haven, we celebrate the transformation of their garden into a space that invites relaxation and admiration while contributing positively to the environment.

Why contact SJS Multitrade for your Indian Sandstone patio installation?

At SJS Multitrade, we are renowned for our high-quality artistry. Our team’s expertise ensures that the natural beauty of Indian Sandstone is showcased to its full potential, with each slab laid to perfection.

With a keen eye for detail, SJS Multitrade ensures that every aspect of the patio installation is carried out meticulously, from the initial design and layout to the precise jointing and finishing.

By choosing SJS Multitrade for an Indian Sandstone patio installation, homeowners can trust that they will receive a beautiful, long-lasting outdoor space crafted with professionalism and care.


What is the expected lifespan of an Indian Sandstone patio and how does it compare to other materials?

The expected lifespan of an Indian Sandstone patio, when properly installed and maintained, can exceed 25 years, showcasing its durability and longevity. This compares favourably with other materials, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and resilience. Factors such as sealing, cleaning, and the environment it's exposed to can influence its condition over time. Compared to concrete or brick, Indian Sandstone provides a natural look that ages gracefully, potentially outlasting some artificial alternatives with the proper care.

How does weather affect Indian Sandstone, and are there any special care or maintenance routines recommended to preserve its appearance?

Indian Sandstone is affected by weather, particularly in areas with freeze-thaw cycles or heavy rainfall, leading to potential surface erosion or discolouration over time. To preserve its appearance, it's recommended to seal the stone, which provides a protective layer against moisture and stains. Regular cleaning to remove algae or moss and immediate treatment of spills can also help maintain the stone's natural beauty. These maintenance routines extend the patio's lifespan and keep it looking its best.

Can the colour or finish of Indian Sandstone change over time, and if so, how can this be managed or prevented?

Yes, the colour and finish of Indian Sandstone can change over time due to weathering, exposure to sunlight, and other environmental factors. This natural stone may lighten or develop a patina that some find appealing for its aged look. To manage or prevent significant changes, applying a sealant can protect the stone from staining and fading. Regular cleaning and maintenance, including removing organic growth, can also help preserve the stone's original appearance and colour.