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key kerb edging blocks installation
Resin Vuba Milano Marble Driveway Installation in Weston Favell, Northamptonshire
28th February 2024
sandstone patio installation thrapston
An Indian Sandstone Patio Installation in Thrapston, Northamptonshire
28th February 2024
key kerb edging blocks installation
Resin Vuba Milano Marble Driveway Installation in Weston Favell, Northamptonshire
28th February 2024
sandstone patio installation thrapston
An Indian Sandstone Patio Installation in Thrapston, Northamptonshire
28th February 2024

Patio, Lawn & Garden Dining Area Installation in Thrapston, Northamptonshire

Read about SJS Multitrade's skilful transformation of a Thrapston garden, where we replaced and extended a poorly installed patio with premium porcelain Ercall Perla paving, creating a sunlit dining area and laying fresh Fenland turf for a flawless finish—a perfect setting for summer enjoyment.

Replacing and Enhancing Our Customer's Outdoor Space

A garden awaited a much-needed revival in the quaint town of Thrapston, Northamptonshire.

The original patio work, completed by the house builders, fell short of delivering quality and design.

SJS Multitrade was tasked with the job of not just replacing but also enhancing this vital outdoor space.

This blog post meticulously recounts transforming a once-neglected garden into a splendid patio haven, creating an idyllic setting perfect for dining al fresco and savouring the delightful British summer.

It delves into the detailed process of revamping the outdoor space, from the initial design concepts to the selection of materials and the final touches that bring the vision to life.

This transformation not only enhances the garden's aesthetic appeal but also adds functional value, making it an ideal spot for relaxation, entertainment, and enjoying the warmth and beauty of the summer months in the UK.

Through this narrative, we aim to inspire and demonstrate how thoughtful design and expert execution can convert any neglected area into a beautiful and functional outdoor retreat.

Out with the old and in with the new - removal of the existing patio

The first order of business was the removal of the existing patio, which did not meet our standards for quality and aesthetics.

Our team worked diligently to clear the old slabs and prepare the ground for a new beginning.

We extended the area and installed beautiful porcelain Ercall Perla paving slabs, chosen for their durability and stunning finish.

The dark grey jointing between the slabs provided a subtle contrast that accentuated the modern look of the patio, promising a combination of long-lasting quality and contemporary style.

Creating a summer retreat for outdoor dining

Understanding the importance of outdoor living spaces, we crafted a dedicated dining area in the garden's sunniest corner.

This thoughtful design ensures the area catches the most sunlight during summer, making it the perfect spot for patio furniture and al fresco dining.

Here, one can envisage the couple entertaining guests or simply enjoying a quiet meal in the warmth of the summer sun.

A lush, vibrant look for the new lawn

Much like the patio, the existing lawn did not present the lush, vibrant look homeowners desired.

We removed the old turf and brought in new screened topsoil to set the stage for fresh Fenland turf.

Laid at the correct levels to promote drainage and healthy growth, the new lawn area now provides a soft, green counterbalance to the porcelain slabs, inviting barefoot walks and outdoor play.

A pristine, extended patio with room to dine and relax

This project in Thrapston was not just about correcting the shortcomings of the past but about creating a space that the homeowners could be genuinely proud of.

The transformed garden now boasts a pristine, extended patio with room to dine and relax, complemented by a revitalised lawn that ties the whole garden together.

It's a testament to SJS Multitrade's dedication to delivering outdoor spaces as functional as they are beautiful, ensuring that the garden will be a centrepiece of the home for many years to come.


What maintenance is required to keep porcelain Ercall Perla paving looking its best over time?

Maintaining porcelain Ercall Perla paving to remain visually appealing over time involves several key steps. Regularly cleaning the surface with mild detergent and water helps to remove dirt and prevent stains. It's also beneficial to promptly address any spills or marks to prevent them from becoming permanent. Although porcelain tiles are known for their durability and resistance to staining, applying a sealant can offer additional protection against stains and make cleaning easier. This routine maintenance helps to preserve the paving's aesthetic quality and longevity, ensuring it continues to enhance outdoor spaces with its beauty and practicality. For detailed care instructions specific to porcelain Ercall Perla paving, consulting with the manufacturer or a professional installer can provide tailored advice.

Are there specific benefits of using Fenland turf for a lawn in terms of durability and appearance?

Fenland turf is often chosen for its robust quality, providing a durable and visually appealing lawn. Its adaptability to different soil types and resistance to wear makes it suitable for various landscapes. The lush, green appearance of Fenland turf enhances the aesthetic appeal of garden spaces, making it a popular choice for both residential and commercial properties seeking a balance of beauty and functionality.

How does a choice of dark grey jointing material impact the overall aesthetic and longevity of a patio installation?

The choice of dark grey jointing material significantly influences a patio's aesthetic appeal and durability. Aesthetically, the dark grey offers a sophisticated contrast against lighter paving stones, enhancing the overall visual appeal by outlining each paver, which adds depth and dimension to the patio's design. From a longevity perspective, dark grey jointing is adept at concealing stains and signs of wear, maintaining a cleaner and more uniform look for a more extended period. Moreover, its colour stability under UV exposure helps preserve the patio's appearance against fading and discolouration caused by sunlight and weather conditions, contributing to a lasting, maintenance-friendly outdoor space.